Online CSV to SQL Converter

How to Use This Tool

This tool provides an easy way to convert CSV files to SQL to be inserted into a database. Simply upload your CSV file and the resulting page will display the INSERT/UPDATE statements to turn the CSV file into records in a database table!

The result also filters out high-ascii MS Word/Excel characters and makes them safe to insert into a MySql database.

Questions, comments? Interested in a commercial license? Contact me

Please Note: Make sure the first row of your CSV file has headings which match your field names. If you want the tool to produce UPDATE statements, ensure you enter the Primary key for your table in the field below. It must match exactly to the column in your CSV file.

Commercial Use and Source Code

If you wish to use the tool for commercial purposes, please register. The cost is $49 for a commercial licence and includes full access to the source code.  

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